My passion for photography started at a young age, finding interest and beauty in the ordinary. As a shy and quiet kid I was able to express myself through imagery, and felt comfort being behind the camera. 

This passion began to develop into more than just a hobby and I began to pursue it more seriously. I attended and graduated from Sheridan College with a Honours Bachelor of Photography Degree and a Diploma in Creative Problem Solving. Those four years challenged, stretched and molded me into the photographer I am today. 

I spent three formative months working in New York City gaining experience in the fashion and portrait industry. While in New York I had the opportunity of interning for Celebrity Fashion Photographer, Greg Swales. 

After my time in New York City and when my schooling came to and end, my work began to take more of a focus on Fashion and Beauty photography. I enjoy creating timeless and tasteful imagery, highlighting unique beauty and lasting style.

For more information on my work, or to get in touch please contact me via email.

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